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Just For Today Daily Devotional

Monday, September 1

“Ezra…stood on a platform…which they had made for the purpose.”
Ne 8:4 NKJV


Standing on a specially built platform within Jerusalem’s newly built walls, Ezra the scribe read God’s Word to the people for six hours. As he read it they wept, worshipped, and went home rejoicing. Think: God’s Word is so powerful that all you have to do is expose people to it and their lives are changed. Notice the words, “Ezra…stood on a platform…they had made for the purpose.” When the printing press was invented, one of the first books produced was the Bible. It gave birth to the Reformation, influenced the Industrial Revolution, and changed the world. Now fast-forward to the age of the Internet. Today we have a “platform” capable of reaching every level of society, all the way to the most remote corners of the earth. Instead of complaining about the garbage on the Internet, become an Internet evangelist, teacher, counselor, or encourager. Don’t let the Enemy monopolize it! “Those who turn many to righteousness [will shine] like the stars forever and ever” (Da 12:3 NKJV). A geologist-turned-missionary was asked by a large oil company to go to work for them in the country where he ministered. His annual salary would be more than he’d make in his entire lifetime as a missionary. But he said no. When they asked, “Isn’t the salary big enough?” he replied, “The salary’s big enough; the job isn’t!” Jesus said, “When I have been lifted…I will draw all people toward me” (Jn 12:32 GWT). And we have been given a platform to reach the world—let’s use it!

Tuesday, September 2

“Don’t be afraid…I am with you.”
Isa 41:10 NLT


There are different kinds of fear. There’s the kind that warns you to stay away from fire. There’s the kind that cultivates respect for God (See Ps 2:11). Oswald Chambers said, “When you fear God, you don’t have to fear anything else.” There’s fear that makes you feel helpless; sometimes it’s rooted in parental criticism or a bully’s threats, and although it’s groundless, it still haunts you. There’s the fear of failing, which if left unchallenged becomes the father of failure. Job said, “What I feared has come upon me” (Job 3:25 NIV). There’s fear of the unknown where your imagination runs amok. What if you never meet the “right person,” or you lose your job, or the biopsy confirms the worst? Over and over in His Word God says, “Don’t be afraid…I am with you.” Paul Tournier notes: “Life and faith always insist on moving on—and I cannot move forward without leaving something behind. The trapeze artist must let go of one trapeze at precisely the right moment and hover in the void before grabbing the other. Faith calls us out of our comfort zone…to learn new skills and minister in different ways.” But we get uptight. We think, “What if God asks me to do something I can’t do? Or I don’t have the strength, wisdom, or faith?” If you were relying on your own resources, you’d be in trouble. But the fact is, “God…knew you and chose you” (1Pe 1:2 NLT). Every time you meet a new challenge He strengthens you by proving that He not only supplies the tools, but is responsible for the outcome.