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ABN - Aramaic Broadcast Network Broadcast Schedule

Saturday, March 28, 2015 Weekly

Time(CT) Program Host
12:00am News & Views
1:30am Women In Islam
2:00am Answering Islam
2:30am Demolishing Stronghold
3:00am Who Am I
4:00am Bridges To Christ
4:30am Jihad Exposed
6:00am Bridges To Christ
6:30am Light Or Darkness
7:00am Way of The Master Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron
7:30am Leading The Way
8:00am Debate Night
9:30am Jesus or Muhammad
12:00pm News & Views
1:30pm Now Is The Time To Wake Up
2:00pm Bridges To Christ
2:30pm Leading The Way
3:00pm Bible Study
3:30pm Way of The Master Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron
4:00pm Women In Islam
4:30pm The Beginning of the End
6:00pm Jesus or Muhammad
8:00pm Jihad Watch
9:30pm Answering Islam
10:00pm Debate Night
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