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TCT - Family Broadcast Schedule

Monday, September 1, 2014 Weekly

12:00amZola Levitt PresentsMyles Weiss, Katharine Weiss
12:30amJulie & FriendsJulie Nolan
1:00amLen & CathyLen Mink, Cathy Mink
1:30amAsk the PastorVarious
2:30amFaith In HistoryWilliam J. Federer
3:00amAncient Jewish WisdomRabbi Daniel Lapin
3:30amTCT AliveVarious
4:00amThrough the Bible with Les FeldickLes Feldick
4:30amCBN NewswatchThe Christian Broadcasting Network
5:00amTCT TodayGarth Coonce, Tina Coonce, Julie Nolan
5:30amHealth and NutritionDee Simmons, D'Andre Simmons
6:00amJohn Hagee TodayJohn Hagee
6:30amBeliever’s Voice of Victory with Kenneth and Gloria CopelandKenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland
7:00amLen & CathyLen Mink, Cathy Mink
7:30amCreflo DollarDr. Creflo Dollar
8:00amAncient Jewish WisdomRabbi Daniel Lapin
8:30amFaith In HistoryWilliam J. Federer
9:00amTCT Alive ClassicsVarious
10:00amJulie & FriendsJulie Nolan
11:00amThrough the Bible with Les FeldickLes Feldick
11:30amGospel TruthAndrew Wommack
12:00pmTCT TodayGarth Coonce, Tina Coonce, Julie Nolan
12:30pmCBN NewswatchThe Christian Broadcasting Network
1:00pmAsk the PastorVarious
2:00pmJulie & FriendsJulie Nolan
2:30pmBuilding a DifferenceDeep Light Entertainment
3:00pmCome on InMelanie Walker
3:30pmHealth and NutritionDee Simmons, D'Andre Simmons
4:00pmLen & CathyLen Mink, Cathy Mink
5:00pmAsk the PastorVarious
6:00pmJoys of OnenessEddie Williams, Cathy Williams
6:30pmCrosstalkDr. Randy Weiss
7:00pmTCT TodayGarth Coonce, Tina Coonce, Julie Nolan
7:30pmManna-Fest with Perry StonePastor Perry Stone
8:00pmJulie & FriendsJulie Nolan
8:30pmFlywheelSherwood Pictures
10:30pmI’m Just Sayin’Dan Willis
11:00pmFaith In HistoryWilliam J. Federer
11:30pmAncient Jewish WisdomRabbi Daniel Lapin
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