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TCT - Kids Broadcast Schedule

Monday, April 21, 2014 Weekly

12:00amRobin Hood, The Adventures ofRichard Greene, Victor Woolf
12:30amOzzie and Harriet, The Adventures OfOzzie Nelson, Harriet Hilliard
1:00amAnnie OakleyGail Davis, Jimmy Hawkins, Brad Johnson
1:30amBuccaneers, TheRobert Shaw, Paul Hansard, Brian Rawlinson
2:00amSecret Agent (1936)John Gielgud, Peter Lorre, Madeleine Carroll
3:30amRoad To EmmausVision Video, Inc.
4:00amLife With ElizabethBetty White, Del Moore
4:30amCisco Kid, TheDuncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo
5:00amArnie’s ShackAbide Family Ministries
5:30amCapt’n ChuckleberryCapt'n Chuckleberry, First Mate Kate
6:00amFaithvilleFaithville© Gospelcast Productions
6:30amKids Like You
7:00amSuper Simple Science StuffRichie Derwald, Katrina Miller
7:30amMiss Charity’s DinerFaithville© Gospelcast Productions
8:00amTCT DevotionsTCT Network
8:30amAdventures In OdysseyFocus on the Family
9:00amSwamp CrittersBobby Goldsboro Productions
9:30amSarah’s StoriesSarah Henderson
10:00amBurnnie Show, TheReaching the Children Ministries
10:30amCreation’s CreaturesSherri Bohlander, Shauna Robbins
11:00amDr. Wonder’s WorkshopSilent Blessings Deaf Ministry
11:30amMaralee Dawn & FriendsMaralee Dawn
12:00pmKIDZ Network
12:30pmGospel Bill ShowChurch on the Move
1:00pmQuigley’s VillageMr. Quigley
1:30pmCapt’n ChuckleberryCapt'n Chuckleberry, First Mate Kate
2:00pmFaithvilleFaithville© Gospelcast Productions
2:30pmDonkey Ollie, The Adventures ofDonkey Ollie
3:00pmSuper Simple Science StuffRichie Derwald, Katrina Miller
3:30pmMiss Charity’s DinerFaithville© Gospelcast Productions
4:00pmAnother Sommertime AdventureCarl Sommer
4:30pmAdventures In OdysseyFocus on the Family
5:00pmCMJ Clubzone
5:30pmSarah’s StoriesSarah Henderson
6:00pmKICKS ClubPastors Rick Robinson, Kim Robinson
6:30pmCowboy DanDan Harrell
7:00pmVictory At Sea (1952)Leonard Graves, Chester W. Nimitz, Winston Churchill
7:30pmSergeant Preston of the YukonDick Simmons, Yukon King
8:00pmSecret Agent (1936)John Gielgud, Peter Lorre, Madeleine Carroll
9:30pmRoad To EmmausVision Video, Inc.
10:00pmLoretta Young ShowLoretta Young, John Milton Kennedy
10:30pmRacket SquadReed Hadley, Hugh Beaumont, Robert Bray
11:00pmDragnetJack Webb, George Fenneman
11:30pmLucy Show, TheLucille Ball, Gale Gordon
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